welc to dwolls lore^_^!

*best experience in full screen pc*

dni list:

dsmp fans, anti-agere,


abt me<3

m name is dwollly, & u can find me by searchin that up on almost every platform! i was born in 2005! my favorite color is pink. my style is dollette/kogal/babycore. i age regress! i like anime! m favs r: mirai nikki(my future diary), maid sama, toradora, highrise invasion, goku dols, kakegurui, & rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai!! i <3 fnaf! (mangle is m fav) im an intp-t libra!! i am obsessed wif m ex. i like lolicore (a music genre) m favs are goreshit an loli in early 20s. i also like lil peep an lana del rey!! i think id best describe myself as a school girl whos jus trying 2 survive long enough to find true love...